Consultation, Counseling, and Therapy:
Our work is most closely aligned with the growing discipline of coaching psychology. Coaching psychology integrates the goal-directed orientation found so effective in quality coaching, with an attention to and experience in the human dynamics surrounding the pursuit of goals. Coaching psychology is a forward-looking and practical way of working that draws from many aspects of the field of psychology – the science of mind and behavior.
We all develop patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior that work more or less well at different stages of our life. Sometimes we find that what has worked well, or well enough, is no longer a good fit. Sometimes we have a sense that we can achieve better. Sometimes we tire of tolerating patterns that we know are not working for us.
At Tal Consulting we facilitate people's achievement of greater effectiveness and satisfaction in their lives. Ours is a focused yet flexible approach, responding to the client's concentrated attention and occasional wanderings, allowing for exhilarating and disheartening emotions, acknowledging unconscious influences and conscious capacities, and using knowledge from some of the newest learnings along with decades-old understandings of what leads people to develop and change.
We work with individuals and partners in organizational settings, and work privately with individuals and couples.
Areas of specialty:

♦ Resilience – Resilience is the ability to cope well with challenge and adversity, and to bounce back from setbacks. People with high levels of resilience respond more effectively to whatever comes their way. Some people have a naturally high level of resilience, and resilience can be intentionally developed.
♦ Communication – Communicating effectively is a critical skill. Communication is the foundation of our interactions with others. Our self-talk, or internal communication, impacts powerfully on our perceptions and actions. Both forms of communication are matters for life-long improvement.
♦ Cross-cultural issues – Different cultures have different ways of perceiving and responding to people, environments, and events. Increased awareness of the effects of these cross-cultural differences improves: acclimating to new cultures, working relationships in multi-cultural contexts, and relationships in “mixed” families.
We offer seminars and workshops in these areas.

Resilience Tips:
We periodically publish articles on resilience-related concepts and their application. Contact us if you would like to receive these tips directly to your e-mail.

Print Survey, an assessment for increasing awareness and clarifying goals:
The Print survey increases awareness of people's important patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving, and facilitates the focus of subsequent work. It is a source of information for enhancing people's growth and development. The information gained helps to direct energies in productive ways, and helps in avoiding or better managing potential stumbling blocks.

Carolyn Tal, PhD, has worked with individuals and systems in human development for over 25 years. Her experience includes a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, organizational consulting, mediation, and professional coaching. She combines disciplined yet creative thinking with a passion for people. Carolyn has worked in hi-tech, bio-tech, service, hospital, educational, military, and private settings, including cross-culturally. She is a Chicago native, educated at University of Pennsylvania and Northwestern University, and has lived in Israel since 1991. Carolyn trained at the Israel Center for Negotiation and Mediation, and at CoachU. She is a member of the American Psychological Association, British Psychological Association – Coaching Psychology Group, and International Coach Federation. Carolyn is fluent in English and Hebrew.